Debugging Unity Android Apps

This is pretty much a repost/summary of a StackOverflow post, as it took me a long while to find this information; hopefully Google will do its magic and surface this for future generations.

I had a need to debug a Unity game on an Android device. The build running on the device was a Development build with debugging enabled etc etc. For reasons I had neither time nor inclination to investigate, Visual Studio was not discovering the device and it was not showing in the Attach Unity Debugger list, despite the device being on the same Wifi network, and physically attached by USB cable. I knew the IP address of the device, but not the port the debugger process was listening on, which apparently changes with each launch.

To summarise the StackOverflow post, you want to get hold of the ADB logcat output for your game. I did (something like):

adb logcat -c
adb logcat > out.txt
(launch game on device)
(wait some period of time)
(CTRL + C)

…which will dump the logcat output to a file called out.txt . If you now search for monoOptions in the file you should see a line like:

Using monoOptions --debugger-agent=transport=dt_socket,embedding=1,defer=y,address=

If you add the device’s IP address with the port from above to the Visual Studio Attach Unity Debugger window, it should now connect, obey breakpoints and the like!