Sanitarium HD Patcher v0.2.1

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A little runtime, in-memory patcher to allow Sanitarium to run at a resolution of your chosing! As the patch is applied in memory it will not modify your files.




  1. Extract Sanitarium HD Patcher.exe and patches.json to your Sanitarium game folder
  2. Create a shortcut to Sanitarium HD Patcher.exe
  3. Right click the shortcut -> Properties
  4. Add to the end of Target
    • -x [resolution width]
    • -y [resolution height]
    • -- [command line arguments to pass to Sanitarium]
    • e.g.: Sanitarium.exe -x 1920 -y 1080 -- -w -e /skip, for a 1080p game, windowed, with DirectDraw emulation enabled (recommended)


The patcher can be run from outside the game directory by providing the following command line argument:

Supported/tested game versions (by MD5, modified DD/MM/YYYY)

Known issues

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